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The Early Years Centre offers a high quality early learning environment for children ages 0 to 5 years. Inside our school, we have learning centers to facilitate growth in creativity, language, math, cognitive, social, science, fine and gross motor skills and dramatic play. We use the Mi’kmaq language daily at circle time, as well as casually throughout the day. We go outside daily, weather permitting, usually in our back yard, sometimes walking on the trail, the Pow Wow grounds or through the community. We serve two nutritious snacks and one meal at lunchtime. After lunch, each child washes their face, brushes teeth and plays. Rest time starts 1:45pm, followed by snack and playtime until it is time to go home.

We are open year round, Monday to Friday 8AM-4:00PM.

We believe in the following principles

  • All children have a right to an Early Childhood Program.

  • We support and encourage every child to enjoy life-long learning.

  • We believe that each child is a gift to their community.

  • Any child, regardless of their ability, will be accepted and supported.

  • We support parents and guardians as the primary teachers and caregivers of their children.

  • We recognize and support the role of the extended family in teaching and caring for children.

  • We recognize the broader Aboriginal community as having a role in the raising of our children.

  • We believe in modeling and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

  • We believe in providing children and parents with opportunities to learn about and further develop nutritious and healthy eating habits.

  • We believe in encouraging respect for the values, cultures and traditions of all people.

Location: Scotchfort , PEI
Key Contact and Title: Mary Baird, Coordinator
Phone #: 902 676 2412 Fax #: 902 676 2734
E-mail: mbaird@abegweithealth.ca


Physical Address:
85 Gloscap Drive

Mailing Address:
PO Box 68
85 Gloscap Drive