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The MCPEI Aboriginal Human Resources Development Agreement (AHRDA) is funded through Human Resources and Skills Development Canada’s (HRSDC) Aboriginal Human Resources Development Strategy to provide service to all Status, non-Status Aboriginal, Metis and Inuit Peoples living in PEI

Services are delivered in both urban and rural locations. Service sites will be on Lennox Island and Abegweit First Nations, Charlottetown, Summerside, or wherever the individual needs of the clients are best served.


Under a 2005 contribution agreement signed between the Mi’kmaq Confederacy of PEI (MCPEI) and the federal department of HRSDC, MCPEI provides and administers all employment based programs and services to Aboriginal people living in PEI. This includes Status and non-Status Indians, Metis and Inuit peoples living on and off reserve across the entire province.


By providing programs and services, we will establish partnerships with private and public sector organizations to create employment, training, and career exploration opportunities. This will allow all Aboriginal people to fully participate in the labour market leading to individual achievement and community prosperity.


Our values are derived from the very strength of the Aboriginal community on PEI, the people. Our value statements were developed with input from the advisory committees and reflect the greater consciousness of the Aboriginal community. These statements remind us that we continually work for the best interest of our clients, our communities and honour the generations that have come before and those that will come after.
Our value statements are:

a. Respect
b. Fair, Open and Transparent
c. Accountability
d. Culture

Program Priorities

In community consultations, people identified many priorities as being key to the positive development of the community. The priorities form the building blocks for future community success by concentrating efforts in these critical areas of development: build aboriginal human capacity, industry/business development, youth and global employment issues.


Some of the businesses we have partnered with to provide employment experience to individuals based on their career goals include: Lennox Island Development Corporation, Epekwitk Gas Bar, Aboriginal First Nations Education, Aboriginal First Nations Fisheries, PEI Literacy Alliance, PEI Department of Tourism, Revolution Media, Canada Inspection Agency, Habitat for Humanity, Royal Bank, City of Summerside, City of Charlottetown, UPEI, the Adventure Group, Health Canada, Salvation Army, Aboriginal First Nations Daycare, Curran and Briggs, Island Coastal, Route 2, Jakes Kwik Way, Lennox Island Health Centre, Craigs Construction, Dept. of Social Services and Seniors, Attorney General’s Office, Aboriginal First Nations Wellness Centre, Milligan’s Fisheries, Aqua Shell, Tourism Industry Association of Prince Edward Island, and Inland Sand.


The Young Mom’s project, Aboriginal Youth Environment Services (AYES) summer projects with youth on Lennox Island, Scotchfort and urban, and The Stream Enhancement Project.

Over the first four years, we have made tremendous gains in the development of the Aboriginal workforce on PEI. The implementations of policies to guide the program, the creation of projects aimed at building skills and career knowledge and the increased employment of individuals in non-reserve, non-Aboriginal based organizations has yielded positive results. In the last year of the five year agreement, we will continue along the direction we started with when the MCPEI Employment Service was created in 2004. Career Exploration, Skills Development, and Employment Maintenance continue to be the areas of priority for the program. This year, we will be targeting specific groups of the population and those industries that relate most to client demand. Efforts will focus to provide opportunities that build on traditional industries, while building new skill sets and establishing improved access to the economy.

Faye MacLean
Employment Counsellor