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Abegweit First Nation Wellness Centre has a vision to improve and provide the highest quality service that we can offer to the communities of Abegweit First Nation. In doing so the Wellness Center continues to provide a number of community-based and community delivered programs. Abegweit First Nation Health Program provides funding that supports the delivery of a variety of programs and services aimed at giving children a healthy start in life, promoting community mental health, preventing and treating addictions, promoting healthy eating and active living, preventing disease and injuries, and providing care in the home or community. In the area of chronic disease and unintentional injury, community programs deliver services that reduce the rate of chronic diseases such as type-2 diabetes and injuries among Aboriginal people to levels that are consistent with other Canadians. It is important to create holistic healing regarding the individual’s concerns and needs. Abegweit First Nations employed health staff to deliver such services as health education, home visits, communicable disease control, and individual health plans or referrals. The Abegweit First Nation Wellness Centre is located in Scotchfort. For more information, please call (902)676-3007.