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Welcome to the Abegweit First Nation, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Our proud Mi’kmaq First Nation is made up of three communities (Scotchfort, Rocky Point and Morell). Over 450 residents call this “home”, yet countless thousands can trace their roots, traditions and customs back to this fair soil.

For thousands of years, our people were sustained by the sea. While methods have changed and technology has advanced, our connection with the fishery has remained.

Abegweit currently has 8 boats in the commercial and traditional lobster fishery. The fishery is our largest employer. Our citizens harvest oysters, snow crab, clams and countless other fish resources. We remain eternally grateful to the sea for its bounty. In the spirit of our ancestors, we accept these offerings with respect, dignity, humility and thanks.

The Abegweit Gas Bar and Convenience Centre generates economic activity for our First Nation while providing jobs and opportunities for our citizens.

Each July, we celebrate our heritage and culture with an annual Mawiomi (Pow Wow). This is our opportunity to share love and respect with our families, our neighbours and our friends….our friends are always welcome in Abegweit.

I invite you to take a virtual walk through our new website. See a little bit of what Abegweit First Nation has to offer.Learn more about our proud Mi’kmaq traditions, culture and language.

And when you have the time, drop by for a visit in person. Our vistas are breathtaking. Our history and culture are rich. Our community is always open to friends new and old. Our citizens are proud and genuine.

On behalf of all of them, Welcome to Abegweit First Nation. Stop by again really soon.

Wela’lin (Thank You),

Chief Brian Francis